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CONTINEWM は、エアコンの改造無しで大幅な電力削減が可能な画期的な省エネ商品。

Low cost and easy to install

CONTINEWM does not require installation work, does not turn off the power supply, it can be easily done at any time, and there is no need for maintenance.

空調機器を改造せず工事も不要です。エアコンを運転したまま、 誰でも簡単に取り付けられます。
Maintenance free

As a result of many improvements, it became a light and flexible structure and improved performance. No maintenance and running cost after installation.

Save on energy consumption

Installing CONTINEWM improves heat exchange efficiency and reduces the operation of the compressor.

Reduce the amount of energy consumption and carbon footprint

CONTINEWM can be easily attached to any type of air conditioner. Because it does not use the power of electricity at all and reduces the electricity bill (gas price) and the amount of carbon footprint.


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