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CONTINEWM は、エアコンの改造無しで大幅な電力削減が可能な画期的な省エネ商品。

Square type / 天カセタイプ

Open the cover and place it on the filter. Do not put it between the cover and the filter.

Rectangular type / 長方形埋め込みタイプ

Depending on the size of the indoor unit, cut it to 1/2 etc and place it on the filter, or put it in the empty space as shown.

Prefabricated refrigerator or freezer / 冷蔵庫、冷凍庫用冷却器

If there is a gap between the cooler and the wall, install it to the air intake (heat exchanger side). When there is no gap or there is a risk of touching the defroster, install it to the blowing side (front of the fan).

Size can be adjusted in the place / 現場で加工可能

CONTINEWM is made by polyethylene material, it can cut easily with scissors, according to the size of the indoor unit at that place.


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